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  • has my business telephone number wrong

    I never signed up for However, I got a phone call from a woman who said that she has been getting many, many phones calls for Robert Lamb, Attorney to her number. I googled her number and it comes up on the superpages page as my husband's number. It is not. I never asked for Superpages to advertise for our law office. I cannot contact anyone to solve this problem. This poor woman is getting tons of our business calls and she is now so frustrated, she is hanging up! So much for promoting our business Superpages!!!! More...
  • All Weather Construction Fraud Alert

    In May 2013 I signed a contract with Anthony Klimara, doing business under the name All Weather Construction/All Weather Roofing, for a complete tear-off of my old flat roof. Mr. Klimara promised to install a new roof & 2 new downspouts for a total cost of $9,300. Mr. Klimara guaranteed to complete the work within 2 weeks. M. Klimara insisted on a payment of $3,650.00 before he commenced work. I paid Mr. Klimara; he cashed the checks and never showed up or did any work on my roof. He did not return my money. This is an alert for other consumers. Information on Anthony Klimara d/b/a All... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    fraud1's Picture   fraud1    0 Comments   Comments
  • Mini Mart Denmark, WI

    The owner is running this store and has horrible customer service skills. My mom went into by stamps. She asked for stamps and he told her to buy something or get out. She responded that she was there to buy stamps and he basically told here What do I look like a post office? and to leave and never return unless she bought something. This guy either should give up his business or close it because buying stamps does count as buying something. Customer service is realizing that selling stamps may generate return sales. Your dollars are better spent at a place that treats people like... More...
    Aimees's Picture   Aimees    0 Comments   Comments
  • Super Bad

    Purchased the Superclicks Premium and Website package. Here's the process. 1. Listen to your sales person call into, and navigate a phone tree to get to the department they want. (no direct lines I guess) 2. Listen to them struggle to figure out how to create a facebook page and google places listing for you. 3. Go through another phone tree, and have someone create a website for you. All your input is taken over the phone, so be prepared to think of website copy off the top of your head. (amazing how a DIGITAL advertising service is not done using the... More...
  • over billing

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. I have been doing business with Supermedia for well over a year now. Last year I purchased my advertising in the phone book by the year and I paid for it that way. Each month I got a bill for a couple of bucks and each month I called and explained that I was not paying monthly, that I had already paid my bill. Each month I was told it would be taken care of. Nothing was done. This year is the same thing: I paid for my phone book listing and internet advertising a year in advance and I am still getting monthly bills for about $5. I am tired of the ineptness of this company. I wonder... More...
    hiker1956's Picture   hiker1956    3 Comments   Comments
  • wrong listing

    you have my business listed onmy facebook page as nicholas palladino agency inc in havertown pa at 140 eagle rd. this is not my business address. my address is in folsom or ridley pa 19033. this is very serious. i want it removed from my page and there is no way to remove it. please respond to or i will sue your company for misrepresenting my business. it is causing alot of problems and i am losing business. More...
    njp32001's Picture   njp32001    0 Comments   Comments
  • Misrepresentation

    they led me t belive they were part of yellow pages .com which i was doing buisness with. they record you agreeing to their terms, but the dont tell you their terms. it gets mailed to you. terms are you have to send a written cancelation, and you have to cancle the 12 month contract within 14 day. buy the time you recive your first corespondence from them its well over 14 days. when you contact them they say you owe us 237.00 per month. when you say cancle it the say we cant for a year. then the collection letters start.. More...
    trahc's Picture   trahc    0 Comments   Comments
  • I have had a very poor business experience with "Supermedia"

    I have had a very poor business experience with "Supermedia". I don't want to have to pay you to listen to all of the many errors that they have made. I am still trying to get them to reimburse me for $700 of over-charges. This has been going on for months. Please post this review to as many review sites as possible: I decided to take a much closer look at our marketing efforts. One of these efforts included the decision to try "" I was given plenty of promises and even decided to have them produce a short video for our www/ ad.... More...
    BMS1's Picture   BMS1    2 Comments   Comments
  • Absolutely Horrible

    When I called to cancel, they said, "Just give it a few more weeks for leads to build up." I said, "Will I still be able to cancel if I choose to then?" "Absolutely! Don't worry about that." 2 weeks later, "I would like to cancel." "Sorry, it's too late to cancel." I went up to highest management and filed bbb complaint, NO HELP FROM SUPERPAGES! They still shoved the $900 bill in my face and forced me to pay it. More...
    jgfjhgfhjf's Picture   jgfjhgfhjf    2 Comments   Comments
  • superpages lies

    My sales rep. did not setup my account in my best interest he set it up so he could make money for the company. I did not received the service implied and when I tried to call to change the service I received no response. The sales department informed me that is was to late to make changes. This is not a company that can be trusted. More...
    ptowing's Picture   ptowing    0 Comments   Comments
  • Superpages useless

    I've used on and off over many years. As a consumer, it is totally useless. Whether I put in my zip code or city, I end up with a pile of links to companies that are hundreds of miles away. Yet, today I noticed that a company in my same city, listed in, did not show up in the search results. If anyone is paying for this service, you are wasting your money. More...
    lzksdjfg's Picture   lzksdjfg    0 Comments   Comments
  • Poor customer... Poor customer service!! When I tried to get assistance, no one seemed to want to help. When I tried to cancel because I was frustrated with the lack of assistance, I was transfered to 5 different people who all told me that they could not do cancellations. Too much more to write about. Don't sign up because they will never let you out. They still claim I owe them money from a service I cancelled a year ago but they kept billing me for. Don't click in because you will never get out!! J Mayer Garrison, NY More...
    JMayer's Picture   JMayer    6 Comments   Comments


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